Updating Show Schedule

Well, about the show schedule: we’ve given this some thought, and have reluctantly decided to drop nearly all of the out of town shows (gas prices being what they are – how we’d love to get into an alternative energy source!) So now the schedule is being re-done.

What’s our potential?

In writing some of the new lyrics a bit of a philosophical discussion ensued… I suppose you could consider this all ongoing: I’d love your thoughts. Some of the topics… What is our human potential? Can we know it? Is there a limit to it? What about our individual potential? How do we consciously direct […]

videos (and Bernae)

Oops..I’d forgotten to post the news that our video from last year “Crystalline Sunshine” is on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sj4AqPe8jGc (update:video taken down and replaced with new version Nov 23, 08 – link has been updated) and also can be found at rockscarlet.com/videos.html.

Overdubs and Mixing

Well I wanted to give you another update on the recording…we’ve been at it pretty much non-stop…overdubbing, mixing…and basically seriously learning more about our studio gear! The songs are sounding really good with Brian especially just intensely focused on getting all these songs completed.

The Alternate Scarlet Project

Just to clear up any confusion/rumors, yes Rock Scarlet is changing our name….we just haven’t settled on one yet. Our new name should fit both of our shows. Both shows? Yes! We’ve crafted an alternate set of tunes….Same players, but with a little more mood…a little more dynamics, and a bit less volume. We’re feeling […]

Thoughts on Songwriting Styles

Yesterday Brian and I were going over our catalog of songs and it reminded me that some of you (especially other songwriters and poets) have wanted to discuss writing styles. What follows is a quick off-the-top outline of songwriting styles.