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More Thoughts About Life Themes

With artists, you can see the evolution of their life theme as well as their craft by experiencing their art in sequence. And with songwriters, you can easily do the same thing by just listening to their tunes.

I write lyrics in allegory much of the time, (especially the ones written in dreams) but people in the same vibration easily hear what’s there. What amazes me is that at just about every show somebody comes up and asks about it – even in bars. People want to know if I’m into this or that spiritual tradition, they tell me about visions or ghosts or some other “altered state” experiences of their own.

This blog is the first time I’ve been publicly open about all this, so it trips me out a bit when I’m approached in this way. Used to be when I was “serious” about my musical career, I thought it best to not reveal too much about the mystic side. Not anymore. 🙂

It’s been wonderfully freeing to let go of concern about a “career” in the music business, and all the hideous brown-nosing that tends to happen when execs and investors start throwing big figures around. I love singing, and I love performing, and most of all I love making the music just for the sheer fun of it.

So, what are your themes? What passions and tendencies have stayed with you since childhood? Are you living your dream? And isn’t this life too short not to?

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  1. Hey Scarlet
    I think you’re right on about following your dreams no matter what. For those of us with a strong creativity streak it’s something we must do. Not to follow through on your artistic inclination tends to dull its call until finally its no long heard.

    I’ve seen your lyrics page here on the site and I’m thoroughly addicted. They’re artistic, deep, and you’ve succeeded on touching many levels at once. You can bet I’ll be at every show in my area (Portland) you guys play.

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