Recording Again

rough vocals

rough vocals

Yes, this recording has taken way too long, we started it nearly a year ago! Well, we did basic tracks at that time, and then suddenly summer was upon us and we performed a lot of shows. So busy – and you know how time just dances away when you’re having fun. It’s always the time of our lives…

So after the most recent show in March, we decided to just buckle down and get it done. Finish the final vocals and overdubs, and mix these wonderful songs. Not being engineers, it’s always the mixing that is a bit intimidating. I’ve mixed several projects at home, and there’s still so much to learn. Plus there’s the budgetary situation – a really nice vocal tube pre-amp can cost thousands of dollars, and I’ve got one that costs about 150. 🙂 Home recording can be a bit frustrating that way, but when you get it to sound beautiful and you’re happy with it, what a great feeling.

And wouldn’t you know, a bunch of new songs are happening, too – tempting to record the new ones, but they need to season a bit. Songs (just like the rest of us) need a little time to evolve.

Woo-hoo! It’s gonna be fun to get these recordings completed.

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