Themes (and a bit of my story)

A bit of background I am fortunate to have been born into a long line of musicians, singers and intuitives… magick and music on both sides. There were pianos in everyone’s homes, and music all around. Grandma was quite psychic, an excellent astrologer, and singer who performed in Vaudeville with her father. She taught me […]

Thoughts on Life Themes

It seems that most of us have a “theme” – something that defines our reality and artistic expressions. And it’s always fascinating to discover a person’s theme: you get it from their music, art, or writings… you can see it running thru their life stories, the things they remember, the stuff they focus on.

First Entry

Altho I’ve blogged randomly on the Rock Scarlet myspace page, I’ve not really gotten into it before now. But now I’ve decided to jot down what’s going on with the music, new songs, the current recording, and other random stuff. Postings of shows, recordings, and musings and ramblings. Yes, music, vocals, plus…dreams, visions, ideas, lyrics, […]